Welcome to Soonlist

Our Vision

To allow individuals and organizations to easily curate, collect and share events in a way that allows for more cross-pollination, community, and coalition building, through a transparent, community-owned platform … and seamlessly integrate with our digital calendars.

Using Soonlist

At the core, Soonlist is a way to collect, curate and share events, and seamlessly add them to your calendar.

Adding events

  • iOS/MacOS Shortcut: Capture events from Instagram stories or anywhere else. Download the shortcut here.

  • Add event from text or image Create a new event from text or an image. Soonlist will extract the date, time, and location from the text or image and create a draft event for you to edit and save.

Customize, Calendar, and Share

  • Customize: Soonlist will take your image or text and get you 90-100% of the way to a shareable calendar event, but you can edit it before saving
  • Add to Calendar: Click the add to calendar button to add it to your calendar.
  • Share Links: From your saved event page or your events list, use the share icon or copy the url to share with friends.

Building in Public

We believe in the power of transparency and community engagement. That's why we're building in public, open-source, towards community ownership.

Business Model

We are exploring sources of revenue that support our goal of community ownership. Have an idea? Let us know! Our three best ideas:

  • Members Support Curators: Soonlist users can financially support event curators through tips/subscriptions, and Soonlist takes a cut to support development.
  • Free/Supporter Monthly Subscriptions: Some features are just available to paying members. We want most members to be able to use Soonlist for free, so this would be more advanced features or customizations.
  • Commercial Events: We could find ways to monetize larger, commercial events to make Soonlist free for smaller or non-commercial events.

Collaborative Open Source

Soonlist is more than a platform; it's a collaborative endeavor. We're open-source, meaning our codebase is publicly available , allowing anyone to contribute, inspect, or adapt it.